Vingt et Un for the RISC OS platform*

This is a RISC OS desktop version of the old card game. The idea of the game is to reach a total of 21, without exceeding it, by counting the pips of the cards that are dealt to you. The suits do not play a part in the game. This is a game for one player.

Aces count either one or eleven at the player's option, court cards count ten, other cards their face value. A total of 21 therefore can be made with an Ace and a ten or a court card and this beats any other combination. Betting is an integral part of the game and it ends when the player or the dealer runs out of chips!

The game features sprite movements by dragging with the mouse and can be played completely by using the mouse. Instructions accompany every move that the novice makes, although these lessen as time goes on.

A sample version is available
The size of the file is 163K (zip) and can be downloaded here ... here ... version 1.011, 29-Nov-02, with a German translation.

Compatibility of sample and full versions

RISC OS version2 3.1x3.
Compatibility NoNo No YesYesYes YesYesYesYes

The full game, version 1.53, 19th November, 2002
This is the complete version of the game and no further additions are envisaged. It is available on CD and adds the following features to the sample game:-

The CD also contains sets of photos which relate to the themes of several of the veneers, together with a copy of Thump, by kind permission of Rick Hudson. Thump enables the sets of photos to be viewed as a slide show and the topics include 47 photos taken on the London Eye, several of the Eden Project, together with pictorial shots of Skye and Mull.

The game was reviewed for Archive by Richard Watkinson, who wrote:-
  “Although I rarely play games, I found Vingt et Un to be quite addictive ...”   
  “Vingt et Un is more than a computerised game which is quite useful in its own right, both educationally and recreationally.”   
and, of the previously available version of the game, Richard wrote:-
  “ ... some changes were made resulting in the much improved version 1.42 at the time of writing.”   
These quotes are repeated here by kind permission of Paul Beverley of the Archive magazine.  The article is to be found on page 61 in the September edition, Vol.15.12.


The CD may be purchased from and is priced at £10 which includes post and packing to UK and European addresses.  VAT is not applicable. 


Screenshots of the full version: double click on the thumbnails to download a larger image
cards >>>
Stake pool >>>
cards >>>
chips >>>
5 card trick
Five card trick
Dealer and player's Vingt et Uns
Two Vingt et Uns
Possible 5 card trick?
A possible five card trick?

Platform independence: thanks to VirtualAcorn

This game can now be run on a Windows™ or a MAC OS X™ personal computer platform, by using products have been devised by 3QD Developments.  These products enable software, which was originally written for Acorn machines and the RISC OS platform, to be run under the MS Windows™ or MAC OS X™ operating systems.  Please note though that the Acorn mouse has three operating buttons! - although, if your mouse hasn't three, this won’t prevent you enjoying the game.

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