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Brain Games is a small business, which creates education software for the RISC OS platform. It was first registered as an Acorn Developer in 1991.

The latest desktop game from Brain Games is Wari.  The full version of Wari was made available at Wakefield 2006.  There are screenshots of four of the skins from the full version on the Wari webpage.  Several obsure errors in the robotic play have come to light in the testing of the full version and these corrections have also been made to the updated demo version of Wari, which is obtainable from this site.

Brain Games launched the full version of Vingt et Un at the Wakefield 2002 Show.  The current version is 1.53, dated 19th November 2002 and was the last major development, adding speech output to the game, if Jonathan Duddington’s Speak is present.

The current versions of Tiles and Solitaire will be available as a limited edition compendium CD at the Wakefield 2006 Show, together with Wari and Vingt et Un. 


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'Sea Holes' golf course for use with HoledOut

This is a additional freeware golf course for the Fourth Dimension's golf game 'HoledOut' written by Gordon Key. [Note: RISC OS platform game]
Download an 11k zip file from ... here

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