Solitaire for the RISC OS platform*

This program was originally written for RISC OS version 2 to run in a WIMP window and be mouse driven and has since been de-loused. It recreates the original 'board' game, where the balls must be cleared one at a time, by being hopped over as in draughts. The aim is to be left with only one ball, which must be in the centre hole.

However this is tough going for young children and their attention span probably won't last the game. Colotaire is a modified form of the game where the balls must be removed in order of colour: Blue, Orange, Cyan, Red, Cream, Black. Each colour must be completely cleared before proceeding to the next colour. There are six different solutions of Colotaire to choose from, each one being a solution of Solitaire.

There are further options available in the package including being able to see the solution being played out and playing back one's own moves. As well as a 'normal' mode there are also other modes (much more difficult), where a reduced amount of information is displayed or in the case of the 'daft' option, there is a confusing number of false balls. A small window can be displayed which keeps a record of the real balls - just in case you get lost. :-)


Solitaire version 5.13, 18th December, 2000; sound modules 18th November, 2002

A German version is included for those with the Country system variable set to Germany. The sound modules have been converted to be usable on RISC OS version 5 as well as on other previous versions.

The file has a size of 59K (zip) and can be downloaded here ... here ... version 5.13

Compatibility of Version 5.13

RISC OS version2 3.1x3.
Compatibility YesYes YesYesYesYes Yes No YesYes

Solitaire version 7.19, 2nd May, 2003

The application has had a substantial makeover and new features include:-

The file has a size of 196K (zip) and can be downloaded here ... here ... version 7.19

Compatibility of Version 7.19

RISC OS version2 3.1x3.
Compatibility NoNo No YesYesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Platform independence: thanks to VirtualAcorn

This game can now be run on a Windows™ or a MAC OS X™ personal computer platform, by using products have been devised by 3QD Developments.  These products enable software, which was originally written for Acorn machines and the RISC OS platform, to be run under the MS Windows™ or MAC OS X™ operating systems.  Please note though that the Acorn mouse has three operating buttons! - although, if your mouse hasn't three, this won’t prevent you enjoying the game.

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